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Hey guys nigo here today I’m going to be talking about a little bit of mycharacters that I have on this gameright so I’m gonna jump writing writingto it first of all my American sectionso I got two pilots for Americathat’s right now one is going to be myAPCR guy and the other one is going tobe my AG guy basically one runs a PCRthe other one runs AG for all the planesso and I got all the planes on that toofor infantry way I have a couple ofdifferent setups first of all I got Ihave a kind of a recon infantry reconkinda character I run a heavy set andcamouflage and this guy he was my firstcharacter ever like I have pretty muchall the weapons own on that characterexcept the 1919 and uh it was my firstcharacter I have a like a sentimentalvalue with it with that character thecharacter that I used the mouse is thisguy right here he runs the fully moddeda mangy and with with a pistol and alsothe medic pouch because it’s neededespecially when you try to defend pointsand stuff like that and I run also fastreload on this guy because whenever youusing a semi auto rifle fast reload isjust a must in my opinion and alsoheavyset because if you’re playingAmerican you have a bunch of differentresiding on Germany’s especially ifyou’re playing against Germany in reconsand stuff like that so yeah I’ve saidgoes without saying so I’m going to jumpwith tanks tanks I got here my tearOctubre tanksso I got the chassis the sherman ez8 theperson and Hellcat for this characterfor badges I run on gunner and mechanicgold because it’swhat do you need for tank so on my reconI got the vehicles I got the Greyhoundand got the bicycle but basically I runwith sight pistol and arm and the reconin 1903 and for this guy I got comingflaws and I got heavyset it’s not goldyet but yeah it’s it’s good enough forlong-range sniping you need that so thisguy is a kind of a new guy that I’vejust granted like after the sale inAugust this year so this guy pretty muchwhat he does is a kind of an infantrymanwith a grin and no bullet so I try tomake things cheap always whenever I runthe semiology always run the maximumrate of fire scout barrel and prettymuch it has some infantry some eightiesto kill off some tanks because it’s justyou know the spam is real as well so umwhen you’re planing is Germany so that’sone of the things that you must have allthe time with youparatrooper I just got one paratrooperthis guy has the MLG end up and themedic pouch and that’s because I likethe m1 garand a lot is the weapon thathas the most kills although but if Iwant to make it really Opie I would gowith the Johnson setup because it’sbetter so when I’m playing with the m1garand I try to run fast reload andfreefall so yeah I’m thinking aboutbuying a new paratrooper so I would putthis guy with a Johnson and then the newguy with an m1 G after that I got acharacter which are kind of my old Pcharacter maybe for close-quarter andmake your bean medium ranges this guy’sruns the Johnson the pistol in the pouchas a ribbon I’d like to use fast reloadand have said again because it’s a mustwhen you’re playing against Germany andother typesyou know read comments and stuff likethat so for this guy I got another guycalled for the 1919 guy which is one ofthe really one of the best weapons inthe game my opinion if you don’t thinkabout the site and it has no mods on itI don’t run any mods on it and and justkeep ouch and I put an extra ammo onthere and this guy is kind of a he hastight grip and Ivy said the reason why Ido that is that whenever when I’m usingthis guy I’m not like capturing pointersbasically I’m not doing that type ofstuff what I’m do is pretty much kind ofa keeping it the point away from peopleso with this guy I don’t need fastreload because I feel that I’m justgoing to reload them when I feel reallysafe so after that I got my handle moretanks guy is the guy because you knowlike Germany hey socially when you’replaying against Germany a lot of peoplehave a bunch of different tanks comingup coming towards you sometimes I’veseen matches with like eight tanks seventanks it’s just you know bullshit theykeep pounding the objective as you tryto capture it so to make a kind of acleanup and make them respond again Iuse this character and I clean the tankswith that so and after that this is oneof my leastused characters is the ones I justbought on the sale and I bought thischaracter because I wanted to do youhave like a character with a cheapersetup so I try to do a kind of a tankingwith it but it was a keeper setup but Ididn’t use him a lot I basically boughtthis character whenever try to run theJumbo that’s the main reason why aboutthis character yep so on the Germanyfaction which is next I don’t have likea bunch of different characters at all Ihave pretty much like two infantrymenwhich is this guy I run the SDG the modsthat I run is the bullet and maximumrate of fire also again anti-tankXplosive and also the medic pouch on myparatrooper I got the FG 42 I run itwith the scope and likeness framebecause I like that little bit of rateof fire on the weapon and so for theGermany I fighter I still have to grindthis character right here oops so uhbasically here I don’t have the beat theMesserschmitt 410 yet I’m working on itthis is going to be pretty much my APCour guy and this is going to be my hgguy and for last but not least I gotthis character which is a kind of a newcharacter that I had and I pretty muchonly around like some bandages – enterthe g43 as I said Germany’s not my mainfaction I would say that US and Russiahas become one of many factions rightnow is the one that I’ve been playingthe most so let’s jump right into thatso for the Russians I have a bunch ofdifferent setups okay so I got this guywhich is like John Cena guy pretty muchwhat he does is that he has a BTR d theribbon with a pistol and the anti-tankthe ribbon that I use with this guy isfast reload and different infantry fistyou can also run um where’s now this guyIRA fist but you know it’s a differentyou know purpose or a different set upit’s up to you I like to run it that wayI sometimes I keep switching andchanging this guy so this is my mainRussian character is because doing thatI’ve granted like lately and this guyhas fast reload and heavy said it has anice no scoped Tokra of svt40 and I runextra bullets on thatI always need extra bullets I always ranout of ammo with this weapon and uh 80sand some manages so I got here myRussian guy I got one again for a VCRbut the he doesn’t have flat deck atthen bombs away in it gold yet I’m stillbranding it and this guy which is my acheat character he doesn’t have eitherso I’m still working on both of them forso I got this this is my second Russiancharacter by the time you could changecareer options so this guy right herehe’s pretty much running the Avs andthat’s it in some managers and they hasextra ammo because I shoot a lot Ididn’t do any mods on it I don’t thinkthat the BBS needs it and I run fastreload and have you said with this guyagain because you’re playing a serum andyou got to use heavy set all the timeand this guy it’s pretty much the sameas my main character the only differenceis that this character right here hasthis the scoped SCT has a scope on itsame setup same thing fast reload andheavyset I don’t feel that I need tohave a side pistol with these guysbecause the reload time of the SAT isreally good and also uh it’s really lowand also because the SVT he has tenbullets instead of four eight as the m1grant so this this character is a goodsetup I just grinded this guy okay I gota Russian tanker only only one and Igotten this guy pretty much every othertank there is higher tier the t-34 T 5 T70 is 2 and the su-85 and this is myother character which I run the DP 28I like mgs as you can see so this guyjust run the DP and somemedic pouch I got one paratrooper againthis I possibly going to be doing is Iput in the PPS from this guy and grindinare another character to run the B SVTon it but I think that’s just too muchhassle to do it so I’m still thinkingabout itand last but not least I got my reconcharacter this guy is still brandy otherI don’t like to snipe a lot that Susanit’s not you know my mice play style inthis game so but I got this guy here andhe’s he got a marathon man and nimbleand that’s just you know for justwhenever I feel like doing some reconjob I’d use this guy I got a I got toget to here so but I’m just feeling lazyto do it otherwise I would just takeMarathon Man off for now and I would useand I would would use heavyset so yeahthat’s pretty much itokay I hope you liked it and and I’llsee you guys in the next next one see

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